Adoption Termination via Private Members Bills

Adoption termination may be accomplished by an adoptee having his or her political representative present a private members bill in his or her legislature (state legislature in Australia and the United States, provincial legislature in Canada, House of Commons in the U.K.).  The purpose of this page is to collect references to relevant state legislation and individual accounts from former adoptees who have used this method to terminate their adoptions.   Note:  it is important to obtain professional legal advice before pursuing any action.

Your help is appreciated in building this collection.  Please email info@ to provide additional references to add to this list.  If you have met with your politician or are pursuing this route for terminating your adoption and are willing share an account of your experience with others, we are interested in hearing from you.


The following were passed by Private Members bills presented in the Alberta legislature by Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA’s).  In these cases, the adopted person approached their elected representative, who then introduced a private members bill on their behalf.

New Zealand

The following were passed in the Parliament of New Zealand as Private bills,






United Kingdom


United States